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Seamless, Connected Commerce

Unify eCommerce, Retail, Ads,
Inventory, Finance & Reports

Create a self-running system that automatically
Enable better operations and discover happier customers, hidden profits and peace of mind.
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One seamless stack for commerce

Sell Everywhere,
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Unify eCommerce, Retail, Ads, Inventory, Finance & Reports

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Grow Multi-Channel Sales

Instantly publish your product & inventory data across multiple online stores, Marketplaces, Social Commerce, Retail systems, and be ready for emerging sales channels of the future

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One Source of Truth

Don't reinvent the wheel for every platform. A single data source ensures consistency - and holds the key to everything from accurate ROI, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction & revenue growth

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Sync your tools, effortlessly

Getting your sales, inventory and customer data to sync with your worksheets, shipping & accounting systems can be a pain. Our white-glove support team will get you out of import-export hell!

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Our Mission

Good Systems = Great Sales

Merchants with smart, automated systems spend less time, money & effort wrestling with their sales channels, marketing spends, supplier data, warehousing systems, dealing with customer complaints - and therefore win more sales!

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Google Workspace
Point of Sale
Warehouse & Shipping
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When commerce is truly connected, work's a breeze. Get started today.

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"We have over 33,000 SKUs in our retail inventory systems. Keeping stock levels updated on our Shopify eCommerce site was almost impossible. With Comstack the data syncs seamlessly - We've completely eliminated stock out related customer complaints"
Sales Head
uk Retail + Digital bRAND
"We were discovering June issues in July. Data collection on the warehouse floor was manual, and it took us weeks to get relevant reports. With Comstack, we get a live feed of key metrics - and we can address problems in minutes, not weeks.
Distribution Head
food consumer brand
"Creating a custom solution on Comstack took us 10% of the time and cost it would have taken us with a service provider"
Founder & CEO
We run multiple brands as independent eCommerce stores, but with some common SKUs - reconciling, sorting and syncing inventory between the two stores was a painful, manual process - which is now done in seconds with Comstack - the system even sends us email alerts when duplicate SKUs or data errors are detected.
Head of Business
Global Shopify merchant
"Your support team is outstanding! We were able to integrate our partners live inventory with our eCommerce marketplace in just 2 hours!"
Enterprise Sales Head
EUROPEAN eCommerce marketplace

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